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A gift from us!

Receive an additional animal figure on any purchase of the light box & figure set! 


Feel like changing it up a bit?

No problem! In our shop you will find animal figures that can be purchased separately. The animal figure is placed in a slot located at the base of the lamp. This gives you the ability to change the animal or color of the lamp whenever you feel like it.

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Floating Shelves

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Create magical walls with our  wall stickers

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It all started a long time ago...

As a child, there were two things that I loved doing the most: drawing and going with my father to his work at the factory. 
My dad is a technician at a packaging factory, and his work space always had screws and washers, screwdrivers and metal parts… all organized accurately inside see through drawers. Every nut and bolt had it’s own place and I was able to find logic inside this fascinating industrial world. I knew that one day I would create something beautiful that is inspired by raw industrial aesthetics.
As I grew up, I started studying art, but I never stopped visiting my father at his work, just like I did when I was young... I always found “treasures” over there! One day, I found a plastic prismatic board, and started cutting it into the shape of a crying wolf. At the factory, they use these boards to spread light, and so I started thinking to myself, “How can this wolf spread light? What kind of light? Does the light need to come from above like the moon, or from the back so it will shine as well?”
That’s how the idea of light fixtures came about. 
With time characters, pigments and of course the electricity cube were added, until i felt that I had found what I’ve been looking for - a product that combines everything that I love: drawing, painting, sculpturing, light, materials in their beautiful, original form and a scent of simple moments, at a small factory, father and daughter.