Light box & Bunny set

Light box & Bunny set



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These light fixtures can be used as night lamps or decorative lamps. They are colorful and beautiful even when the light is off.
The base is handcrafted from white birch wood- and the animal on top is laser cut out of prismatic board, hand painted with epoxy and pigments.

You can place the lamp on top of a shelf or hang it anywhere you’d like, using the hanging unit which includes 2 screw anchors and 2 screws.

The lamp is portable, wireless and works with one 9V battery. 
The lamp comes with a light dimmer switch so you can control the intensity of the light, and with LED light bulbs to save energy and extend battery life.

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Lower cube -  6cm Tall x 17.5cm Wide x 6.5cm Deep
(2.4" T x 6.9" W x 2.6" D)

Top animal - 10cm T x 17cm W
(4" T x 6.7" W)